Apelles Entertainment was founded in 2009 to develop and produce family friendly, globally minded successful commercial quality feature films and television. Our projects are based on franchises adapted from bestselling novels, as well as original stories with global content. Our goal is to produce globally successful commercial projects that attract global partnerships with dedication to quality.

Is the story worth being told? Does it have "content"? Who are the target audiences and how do we maximize the global audience entertainment experience? Detailed and thoughtful answers to such questions guide Apelles through the stages of successful development, production and distribution of its entertainment product.

Apelles enjoys and respects the relationships of Writers, Directors, Actors and Producers as well as the TEAM behind the scenes that make it all possible. Apelles is driven by its respect for the key contributions of talent on a global level in all areas and we encourage these partnerships with participation creating an opportunity for financial success to be shared on a global level.

Apelles has the highest respect for TV and movie-going audience of all ages globally. We spend a great deal of time focusing on what they want which helps us to develop our properties and choose the right merchandising and product placement partners for our films that add lucrative revenues streams to each project furthering our protection for our investors who are partners in all revenues.

Whether franchise/trans-media projects, small films or television, we understand that their budgets must be appropriate to the project, its casting and the size of its audience. At one level, the film makes money. At another level, it does not because the increase does not produce a more-than-proportional increase in the audience revenue. While niche marketing is crucial for smaller projects, trans-media projects are handled on a much larger scale. Understanding these principles is important, especially in assuring our success.

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